Erkunt has equipped its processes with a capability and technology that can produce gray and nodular cast iron, raw and processed components intended for Automotive, Tractor and Construction Equipments Sectors. With its processes approved by Lloyd’s Register, Erkunt is also a certified supplier for maritime sector.

Since its early years of establishment, Erkunt has not only produced castings but also machined the parts it casted, creating a difference in its sector. Known with its expertise and advanced technology in the production of components such as engine blocks, cylinder heads and gearboxes, Erkunt exports a significant part of its products as machined.

Adopted as a solution partner by the companies it works, Erkunt is distinguished from its competitors by its high product quality, machining capability with precise tolerances, high dispatch performance, competitive cost structure, capability of producing with different materials, giving low quotations and fast commissioning.

With its technology investments, Erkunt is a leading firm of Turkish Casting Sector which machines complex components with high precision and produces finished products ready for assembly.