Capacity: 20.000 ton/year

Core Shop: Cores with different weights and shapes can be produced by 12 Cold-box and Hot-box machines varying between 25 to 100 liters.

Melting: Gray iron material with different grades can be prepared by 2 (dual-track) induction furnaces which has a melting capacity of 6 tons / hour.

Casting is implemented by an automatic pouring furnace with a capacity of 6 tons / hour, which sustains a stable casting rate and temperature.

Moulding: The production is implemented by HWS (Heinrich Wagner Sinto) moulding line.

Flask Dimensions: 700x900x350/350mm, Line speed: 100 moulds / hour

Fettling: Casting parts are cleaned from casting sands and burrs by shot blasting machines and pneumatic tools, respectively.