Considering the principle of continuous improvement and development as a basis, Erkunt Sanayi A.Ş. continues its activities necessary for incorporating the management systems that have a customer and process oriented management concept, which will create a difference in its sector, requested by the customers and required by the sector.

With ISO / TS 16949 Quality Management System, Erkunt fulfills the requirements of Automotive Sector by taking customer satisfaction as a basis; establishing targets for the processes; ensuring continuous improvement through monitoring performances; developing systematical approaches which will take under control of the variety in processes; enhancing efficiency through eliminating valueless steps; and perceiving customer expectations correctly.

With ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, Erkunt determines and evaluates the environmental impacts which are occurred as a result of its activities; takes the significant impacts  under control; continuously improves its environmental performance; diminishes the wastes at their source; prevents environmental pollution by recycling the wastes coming out of the process or disposing the wastes by means of licensed firms and conforms all legislations relating to the environment.

With OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, Erkunt ensures that its employees work in a comfortable and safe work place; diminishes to the minimum work and labor losses that may arise due to industrial accidents and occupational diseases and conforms all legislations relating to the occupational health and safety.

Erkunt has passed from the conformity audits in respect of rules and regulations determined by Lloyd’s Register Company, and made its name added to the Lloyd’s Register List of Approved Cast Iron Manufacturers and also became an approved supplier of the maritime sector.

With Q1 Quality Award, Erkunt has received one of the most prestigious awards of Automotive sector and carried its quality management system onto the international platform.